Home Depot beats 2015 energy & CO2 reduction goals, and publishes a 2015 Sustainability report including new 2020 goals. Read how we beat the goals, and where our sights are set for 2020.

The Eco Options program is built on these five pillars of living green:

We’re Lowering the Cost of Going Green

Besides offering water-efficient and energy-efficient products recommended   by WaterSense® and ENERGY STAR®, we strive to be environmentally friendly. Partnering with our vendors to build a better world, The Home Depot saved our customers over 8 billion kilowatt hours in 2014 alone – enough to power 800,000 U.S. homes for a year.  Join us in switching to LED light bulbs, sealing & insulating your home to stop heating and cooling leaks, replacing old manual thermostats with programmable or smart ones to save energy and money, and more.

Whether you’re doing a large project or just changing a light bulb, The Home Depot is your partner in environmental sustainability.

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If you're going green, go to The Home Depot

At The Home Depot, we pride ourselves on being sustainability minded. We offer many different Eco Options, including WaterSense® and ENERGY STAR® labeled products, and wood harvested from sustainable forests. Whatever your home improvement project, we've got the organic solutions that can help make your home healthier and air cleaner; and products that can help you conserve water, be more energy efficient and save money. To contact The Home Depot's Environmental Sustainability group, email us at eco_optionsusa@homedepot.com.