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The Eco Options program is built on these five pillars of living green:


The Home Depot is deeply engaged in understanding the relationship of the use of certain insecticides on our live goods and the decline in the honey-bee population.

We have been in communication with the EPA, insecticide industry and our suppliers for many months to understand the science and monitor the research. We are encouraged and support the White House’s Pollinator Health Task Force. We want and encourage those doing scientific research to provide us with data on the effects to Honey Bee’s from Neonicotinoids used on our plants.

We will require all of our live goods suppliers to label plants that they have treated with Neonicotinoids by fourth quarter 2014.

We’re glad to provide customers with alternative products for their insecticide needs and are actively working with our live goods suppliers to find alternative insecticides for protecting live goods and bees.

We welcome your feedback, so if you’d like to let us know what you think, write to us at

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